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Labor Justice is composed of the Superior Labor Court, 24 Regional Labor Courts and 1,587 District Labor Courts. There are 3,955 Judges and 43,167 support staff.

In the Superior Labor Court there are 27 Justices and 2 judges temporarily substituting justices who are serving the National Council of Justice and who are retired. Moreover, there are 2,155 support staff in the Superior Labor Court.

Second Instance Labor Justice is constituted by Regional Courts, each one located in a State except the states of Acre, Roraima, Amapa and Tocantins, which are represented by Courts headquartered in Rondônia, Amazonas, Para and the Federal District respectively. In the state of Sao Paulo there are two Courts: one headquartered in the city of Sao Paulo and another in Campinas. There are 556 Judges and 16,554 support staff currently active in 2nd instance Courts.

The 1st Instance consists of 1,573 District Labor Courts located in 621 municipalities, with jurisdiction over 5,570 municipalities around the country. There are 3,039 judges and 23,623 support staff currently working in first instance Courts.



Last update: 7/feb/2020

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